CD Review

Couch Surf- Couch Surf

Album: Couch Surf

Artist: Couch Surf

Genre: Alternative

Sub-Genres: Post-Punk

Label: Tinderbox Music

Non-Airable Tracks: Is This Real? & Fade Away


This is a very chill EP, good for relaxing nights or a slow morning. The vocals have a bit of a low -fi sound. The overall production is good, the guitar and bass have a nice sound. It is definitely more background music to do work to or to have playing when hanging out with friends or in a hip cafe rather than a showstopper to blast in the car. The instrumental solos are some of my favorite moments on the EP.

Sounds Like: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, Franz Ferdinand

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Washed Out
  2. Please Don’t Like Me

Reviewer’s Name: Caroline Eimer

Date of Review: 02/12/2019


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