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Album: Real Life Artist: Cayucas Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Surf Rock Label: Park The Van Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: The album was a bit underwhelming to me. When I listen to surf rock I am expecting a bright and happy sound, however the vocals all felt a little too bland and dull. The overall production sound… Continue reading

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Wand-Laughing Matter

Album: Laughing Matter Artist: Wand Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Garage Rock, Psychedelic¬†Rock Label: Drag City Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: This album pleasantly surprised me. The vocals were reminiscent of Paul McCartney, and the overall sound had a chill 1960s Beatles vibe. I preferred songs with an emphasis on the vocals like "Rio Grande" and "Walkie Talkie."… Continue reading Wand-Laughing Matter

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Michelle Blades-Visitor

Album: Visitor Artist: Michelle Blades Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Synth Pop Label: Midnight Special Records Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: I prefer the sound of her vocals on tracks such as "Literally" and "Ring", rather than the opening track "Politic!". She has a very soft voice with nice vocal range. This is a good album to put… Continue reading Michelle Blades-Visitor

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Buoys- Panda Bear

Album: Buoys Artist: Panda Bear Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Psychedelic¬†Pop Label: Domino Recording Company Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: I really enjoy the singer's voice on this album. The effects on his voice are used tastefully, especially on the track Master. I was immediately curious about this album due to the digital feel and video game sounds… Continue reading Buoys- Panda Bear

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Daddy Issues- Pip Blom

Album: *Single* Daddy Issues Artist: Pip Blom Genre: Alt Rock Sub-Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Post Punk Label: Heavenly Recordings Non-Airable Tracks: None  Description: I really enjoyed the overall beat of the song, and the fun guitar melody. It is definitely an upbeat jam, although the lyrics were nothing too special. This song would fit in… Continue reading Daddy Issues- Pip Blom