Lovely EP by The Transparent Tones

Album: Lovely EP Artist: The Transparent Tones Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Rock Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: The Transparent Tones have a classic alt-rock sound with a "bright" sound, contrasted to classic emo-alt rock. It's fast-paced, groovy and has overall cheery tones. I am amazed at the variety they are also able to achieve with… Continue reading Lovely EP by The Transparent Tones


Lies For Sale by Franklin Gotham

Album: Lies For Sale Artist: Franklin Gotham Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: synth-rock-pop, power pop Label: Jivin Jones Records Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: With a hint of country vibes, this well written and produced album has easily become one of my favorites. While it is a short album consisting of only 4 tracks, each song has a… Continue reading Lies For Sale by Franklin Gotham


Present Future Dreams by Eliza and the Organix

Album: Present Future Dreams Artist: Eliza and the Organix Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Alt-jazz Label: Eliza Waldman Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: A very interesting album filled with topics like cocaine, masturbating, remembering, wanting to forget and dreaming. I think vocalist Eliza Waldman has a very intriguing way of telling stories, as she doesn't quite sing--she sing-talks (imagine… Continue reading Present Future Dreams by Eliza and the Organix

CD Review

Perpetuals EP by Perpetuals

Album: Perpetuals EP Artist: Perpetuals Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Alt-rock Label: Self-released Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Formerly known as Athena, Perpetuals changed their name with the release of this album. This three member band has good musical sense in creating an appealing song while sticking to the basics. With only drums and guitar accompanying the vocals,… Continue reading Perpetuals EP by Perpetuals


Overrun by Only Yours

Album: Overrun Artist: Only Yours Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Rock, Post-pop Label: Pirates Blend Records Inc. Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: I always look for fluidity and integration of variety/quirks when evaluating new songs and albums. Only Yours first caught my attention when I heard vocalist, Lowell Sostomi's, voice. It is loud, clear and powerful, however, it is gentle… Continue reading Overrun by Only Yours


Dalliance EP by First In Flight

Album: Dalliance EP Artist: First In Flight Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Synth-pop, 80's rock Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Officially formed in 2016, First In Flight produces a lot of fun songs by experimenting with groovy synthesizers, a steady drumbeat, and epic guitar riffs.  The Dalliance EP is their newest release that features four songs--all which… Continue reading Dalliance EP by First In Flight