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KAMP’s Picks of the Year!

Each week, KAMP’s music directors and E-Board members write their picks of the week on a whiteboard in the station. It is an interesting insight into the minds of our staff, and a (likely inaccurate) reflection of what they are jamming to that week. In a similar fashion, every year KAMPers compile their favorite songs/albums/things… Continue reading KAMP’s Picks of the Year!

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Ape by Jinjer -Single-

Album: Ape - Single Artist: Jinjer Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Melodic Death? Label: Napalm Records Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: Jinjer is a cool female fronted metal band that I think is set to make some serious waves. This song shows off how technically capable the band is and the range of vocalist Tatiana. Before listening to this song, my only experience with… Continue reading Ape by Jinjer -Single-

CD Review

New Levels New Devils – Polyphia

Album: New Levels New Devils Artist: Polyphia Genre: Metal? Sub-Genres: Math rock, djent, djazz, instrumental Label: Equal Vision Records Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: This album is fucking dope. Polyphia have been an impressive band for years, and this album shows what they are capable of once again. This album kind of fits into the instrumental prog/math rock genre; it is… Continue reading New Levels New Devils – Polyphia

CD Review

Attack on Titan by Epica

Album: Epica vs. Attack on Titan Artist: Epica Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Symphonic Metal Label: Nuclear Blast Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: Epica is a great symphonic metal band and in this album they cover several songs from the soundtrack of popular anime Attack on Titan. I have watched most of the show (not up to date so don't spoil) and I feel… Continue reading Attack on Titan by Epica

CD Review

Sunshine Dust by Skyharbor

Album: Sunshine Dust Artist: Skyharbor Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Progressive Metal Label: eOne Music Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description:  Skyharbor is a band I had not heard of until we received this album. It is their third album and apparently it is a long time in the works. It has been 4 years since Skyharbor's last release. They started recording Sunshine… Continue reading Sunshine Dust by Skyharbor

Show Review

Wintersun Show Review

Acts: Sarah Longfield, Ne Obliviscaris, Wintersun Date: Saturday 9/22/18 Genres: Progressive metal, symphonic metal, power metal, melodic death Location: Club Red, Mesa Description: This show was dope, I really enjoyed it. Overall the experience was great, the venue was nice, the crowd was energetic and the bands all killed it. Sarah and Wintersun played songs… Continue reading Wintersun Show Review