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KAMP’s Picks of the Year!

Each week, KAMP’s music directors and E-Board members write their picks of the week on a whiteboard in the station. It is an interesting insight into the minds of our staff, and a (likely inaccurate) reflection of what they are jamming to that week. In a similar fashion, every year KAMPers compile their favorite songs/albums/things… Continue reading KAMP’s Picks of the Year!

CD Review

Sample CD Review – Blackwater Park – Opeth

Album: Blackwater Park Artist: Opeth Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Death metal, Progressive metal Label: Music for Nations Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: This is the fifth effort from Swedish prog metal legends Opeth. Written by Mikael Akerfeldt and produced by Steven Wilson, this is one for the books. Every prog metalhead has heard this album and will… Continue reading Sample CD Review – Blackwater Park – Opeth

Show Review

Morgxn, Flora Cash and Lany at The Van Buren

Acts: Morgxn, Flora Cash and Lany Concert Date: Tuesday, 012/11/2018 Age Restriction: No Location: The Van Buren Alt AZ held their annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party show at the Van Buren featuring Morgxn, Floral Cash and Lany. Morgxn opened up with his sweet vocals and poppy beats. Everyone in the crowd was jumping around, singing… Continue reading Morgxn, Flora Cash and Lany at The Van Buren

CD Review

“Popular Music” by LIFE Review

Album: Popular Music Artist: LIFE Genre: Alternative/Indie Sub-genres: Alt-rock, punk rock Label: Afghan Moon Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: "Popular Music" by LIFE is a brilliantly angry, loud, and political punk rock album. I like how the guitarists mix loads of heavily distorted chords with moments of clean, melodic parts that add musical intrigue and keep… Continue reading “Popular Music” by LIFE Review