Turn-Up Multimedia Festival

Artists around the world have been affected as precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged individuals to stay home, practicing "social-distancing." What was supposed to be a three-day festival held at the University of Arizona's Fred Fox School of Music has been converted into a unique concert experience that can be joined from the comforts… Continue reading Turn-Up Multimedia Festival

CD Review

Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

Artist: The Garden Album: Kiss My Super Bowl Ring Genre: Alternative Sub Genre: Vada Vada Label: Epitaph Records Non-Airable Tracks:  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 Description: Balance, innovation, oscillation, lyricism, power, and guts. Why waste time hanging out in a muddy middle ground when you could skate between dignified lyricism and… Continue reading Kiss My Super Bowl Ring


Can’t Cool Me Down – Car Seat Headrest

Album: Can't Cool Me Down (Single) Artist: Car Seat Headrest Genre: Indie rock Sub-Genres: lo-fi, garage rock, lo-fi pop Label: Matador Description: Typical of Car Seat Headrest, their new single Can't Cool Me Down features a groovy bass line and pulsing beat. This song also features piano, xylophone or a similar instrument, and some synthetic sounds… Continue reading Can’t Cool Me Down – Car Seat Headrest

CD Review

Sepultura – Quadra Album Review

Album: Quadra Artist: Sepultura Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Groove Metal, Progressive Metal Label: Nuclear Blast Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: Sepultura, the thrash metal legends from Brazil, have a long history behind them. Right from the get-go, the band was playing dirty death metal on Morbid Visions in 1986 and gradually transferred to thrash peaking on 1989’s… Continue reading Sepultura – Quadra Album Review

CD Review

Smiling – by Alanis Morissette

Artist: Alanis Morissette Album: Smiling Genre: Pop, Alt Rock Sub Genre: Singer/ Songwriter Label: MCA Canada Maverick Reprise Warner Bros. Collective Sounds Non-Arable Tracks: N/A Description:  Alanis Morissette is synonymous with karaoke breakup songs, alternative rick royalty, and downright self-proclaimed liberation. The Canadian native has just released the teaser track to her much-anticipated album “Such… Continue reading Smiling – by Alanis Morissette

CD Review

Good Bad Times – Hinds

Album: The Prettiest Curse Artist: Hinds Genre: Spanish Indie Rock Sub-Genres: Indie rock, lo fi, garage rock Label: Mom+Pop Description: The latest tune from the Madrid-based all female quartet Hinds does not disappoint. This song is the start of a new era for the group. It brings together their classic indie/punk sound with some modern tech… Continue reading Good Bad Times – Hinds

CD Review


Artist: iyla Album: OTHER WAYS TO VENT Genre: Rap, R&B Sub Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Pop Label: 3T Entertainment Non-Arable Tracks: “Cash Rules,” “Bad Side” Description:  Iyla’s latest album “OTHER WAYS TO VENT” is a smooth blend of beats, ballads, and betrayal. Even though iyla is no newbie to the music scene, this Los Angeles based artist… Continue reading OTHER WAYS TO VENT – by iyla

CD Review

Swimmer – by Tennis

Artist: Tennis Album: Swimmer Genre: Pop, Indie Sub Genre: Alternative, Bedroom Pop Label: Fat Possum Records Non-Arable Tracks: N/A Description: “Swimmer” is the much anticipated fifth studio album by the husband and wife duo entitled Tennis. Being as they are Colorado natives this new record encapsulates the airy like dreamscape that is depicted in the… Continue reading Swimmer – by Tennis

CD Review

Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – UNLOCKED

Album: UNLOCKED Artists: Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats Genre: Hip Hop Sub-Genres: Industrial / Hardcore Hip Hop Label: PH / Loma Vista Non-Airable Tracks: All of them. Sounds Like: Cloud Rap, Mid-90s Boom Bap, Injury Reserve? I was fourteen when I first discovered Florida man Denzel Curry’s aggressive, hazy, and intergalactic music amongst the wave of what… Continue reading Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – UNLOCKED

CD Review

The Professionals – Self-Titled

Album: The Professionals Artists: The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) Genre: Hip Hop Sub-Genres: Abstract / Alternative / Underground Hip Hop Label: Madlib Invazion Non-Airable Tracks: All of them. Sounds Like: Whatever Madlib feels like sampling, the early 2000s. Madlib’s latest album, a collaboration with his brother Oh No and the duo’s first full-length project as… Continue reading The Professionals – Self-Titled

CD Review

U.S. Girls- 4 American Dollars

Album: (Single)- 4 American Dollars Artist: U.S. Girls Genre: Alternative, World Sub-Genres: Indie Pop, Experimental Pop Label: 4AD Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: This song really annoyed me, the first half reminded me of the soundtrack that would be used in a low-budget, bad rom-com. The production doesn't make sense, I don't really understand the vibe… Continue reading U.S. Girls- 4 American Dollars

Entertainment Review, Movie

Color Out of Space

Production Company: Ace Pictures and XYZ Films Streaming Service: N/A (In Theaters) Release Date: January 24th, 2020 Rating: R Description: Color Out of Space       dir. Richard Stanley Color Out of Space is a mind-bending cosmic horror film, that blends gripping character drama alongside horrifying imagery in what amounts to one of the most uniquely… Continue reading Color Out of Space

CD Review


Album: Stray Artist: BAMBARA Genre: Post-Punk Sub-Genres: Goth punk, southern rock, noise rock Label: Wharf Cat Records Non-Airable Tracks: 3, 4, 5 Description: In BAMBARA’s second album off of Wharf Cat Records, the post-punk outfit based out of Brooklyn delivers a visceral, chaotic experience that is dripping with horrific imagery and moral depravity. ​Stray​ emanates the… Continue reading BAMBARA- Stray

CD Review

The Slow Rush REVIEW

Album: The Slow Rush Artist: Tame Impala Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Psych Rock, Psych Pop Label: Modular Recordings Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: The Slow Rush is Tame Impala's Fourth studio album, whose release was originally anticipated for summer of 2019, but was pushed to today: Valentine’s Day, 2020. Since the beginning of 2019, Parker has released five singles ahead of the… Continue reading The Slow Rush REVIEW