CD Review

Sporting Life-Crux

Album: Black Diamond EP Artist: Sporting Life (feat. MIKE, Wiki) Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop Sub-Genres: Electronic, Lo-Fi Label: R&S Records Non-Airable Track: Yes Description: The essence of New York collective, Ratking, is back here in full force. Crux is a single from producer Sporting Life with verses from co-Ratking member, Wiki, and underground up-and-comer, MIKE. This is… Continue reading Sporting Life-Crux

CD Review

Egotistic – AOA

Track: Egotistic Artist: AOA Genre: Kpop I was going through AOA's catalog this weekend and randomly saw that they had a new single out. AOA is definitely my favorite K-Pop group, not that I have much experience with K-Pop. This review will be for the music, not the accompanying video/performance. This single "Egotistic" is a… Continue reading Egotistic – AOA

CD Review

Infant Annihilator – The Battle of Yaldabaoth Album Review

Album: The Battle of Yaldabaoth Artist: Infant Annihilator Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Death Metal, Deathcore Label: Self Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: Infant Annihilator are back for their third album and it is business as usual for the band. Their first album back in 2012 debuted their sound as technical death metal mixed with hardcore, or rather… Continue reading Infant Annihilator – The Battle of Yaldabaoth Album Review

CD Review

Kill Em All

Album: Kill Em All Artist: Kill Em All (Mach-Hommy, Dj Muggs) Genre: Hip-Hop Sub-Genres: Underground Label: Soul Assassins  Non-Airable Tracks: All of them Description:  From legendary producer, Dj Muggs and underground beast, Mach-Hommy, we are introduced to a new group between the two, Kill Em All. This is a grimy and intelligent self-titled album full of… Continue reading Kill Em All

CD Review

Nile – Long Shadows of Dread – Single Reivew

Album: Long Shadows of Dread (Single) Artist: Nile Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Death Metal Label: Nuclear Blast Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: Nile is a band who have been around since the early 90s and who made a name for themselves as masters of technical and brutal death metal in the early 2000s, especially with their album… Continue reading Nile – Long Shadows of Dread – Single Reivew