PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 2 Review

It's been about 4 days after Phoenix Lights 2019 Day 2 and what can I say..I'm still reminiscing whenever I close my eyes.   I thought the first day was incredible, but the second day was honestly one of the best festival experiences of my life.  I'll list the reasons why below: POKE TACOS (there were… Continue reading PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 2 Review

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Vampire Weekend – “This Life/Unbearably White” Review

Album: This Life/Unbearably White Artist: Vampire Weekend Genre: Indie Pop Sub-Genres: Worldbeat, Surf Pop Label: Columbia Records Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Ezra Koenig and his merry band of supernatural sexual metaphors are back with the final two singles before the fourth Vampire Weekend studio album is released on May 3rd. And, lucky for us, “This Life”… Continue reading Vampire Weekend – “This Life/Unbearably White” Review


Lovely EP by The Transparent Tones

Album: Lovely EP Artist: The Transparent Tones Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Rock Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: The Transparent Tones have a classic alt-rock sound with a "bright" sound, contrasted to classic emo-alt rock. It's fast-paced, groovy and has overall cheery tones. I am amazed at the variety they are also able to achieve with… Continue reading Lovely EP by The Transparent Tones

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PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 1 Review

Preface: I have attended Phoenix Lights the past three years.  I've attended EDC last year, 5 HARD Summer's in a row, 3 Coachella's in recent years, and a plethora of other festivals and concerts.   PHOENIX LIGHTS DAY 1 WAS AWESOME.  There was so many things that went right with logistics and the overall experience,… Continue reading PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 1 Review

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Michelle Blades-Visitor

Album: Visitor Artist: Michelle Blades Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Synth Pop Label: Midnight Special Records Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: I prefer the sound of her vocals on tracks such as "Literally" and "Ring", rather than the opening track "Politic!". She has a very soft voice with nice vocal range. This is a good album to put… Continue reading Michelle Blades-Visitor

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Billie Eilish: “When We Sleep, Where Do We Go?” (2019)

Album: When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Artist: Billie Eilish Genre: Pop, Indie Pop Sub-Genres: Industrial, Electropop Label: Interscope Records Non-Airable Tracks:N/A Description: Billie Eilish's debut album "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" is a what might possibly be the banger of 2019. My impression of her is quite cliche as… Continue reading Billie Eilish: “When We Sleep, Where Do We Go?” (2019)

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Devin Townsend – Genesis

Album: SINGLE Artist: Devin Townsend Genre: Metal Sub-Genres: Prog Metal, Rock Label: Self-Release Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: Canadian musician, Devin Townsend, is out with his new single “Genesis” and it is a single. Maybe you know him from his other music groups like Strapping Young Lad, and if you’re into that… good for you. This song is most definitely progressive… Continue reading Devin Townsend – Genesis