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Captain Marvel Review

Production Company: Marvel Studios Streaming Service: N/A Release Date: March 8, 2019 Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson Directed By: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck Rating: ( If it’s R, PG-13, etc.) PG-13 Description: Captain Marvel was one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2019. Not only was it Marvel's first female-fronted film, but it… Continue reading Captain Marvel Review

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Alex Price Presents “Life Story” at The Nash | 14 April 2019

For the two days preceding the concert, Price and his band members have been able to record the entire work in a studio, a veritable shift from the requisite procedures of undergraduate jazz into the world of professional music-making.

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PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 1 Review

Preface: I have attended Phoenix Lights the past three years.  I've attended EDC last year, 5 HARD Summer's in a row, 3 Coachella's in recent years, and a plethora of other festivals and concerts.   PHOENIX LIGHTS DAY 1 WAS AWESOME.  There was so many things that went right with logistics and the overall experience,… Continue reading PHOENIX LIGHTS 2019 – Day 1 Review

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Apex Legends Review

Developer: Respawn Entertainment Genre: Battle Royale ; First-Person Shooter Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Date: 2/4/2019 Rating: Teen (Blood, violence) Description: REVIEWED ON PS4 PRO Upon finding yourself to this review, you may be jesting, “Oh nooo, AnNNoOOoTttHhEeR BaAAtTllLeE RoYyAalLeE GaAmMeE.”  But before doing so, let me do my best to explain to you that Respawn Entertainment’s newest… Continue reading Apex Legends Review

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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Review

Developer: Capcom Genre: Survival Horror/ Puzzle Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC Release Date: January, 25th 2019 Rating: M Description: Description: For the past 23 years, the Resident Evil franchise has been creatively terrifying players around the world with their heart-pounding jump scares and anxiety-inducing gameplay. In 1998, Japanese publisher Capcom released their flagship title Resident Evil 2. This beloved… Continue reading Resident Evil 2 Remake: Review

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Umbrella Academy Review

Network: Netflix Original Streaming Service: Netflix Release Date: February 15, 2019 Rating: TV-14 Description: As a long-time fan of Gerard Way's work in both music and comic books, I was very excited when I heard that the Umbrella Academy, originally a comic book by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance with art by Gabriel Ba, was going to be adapted into… Continue reading Umbrella Academy Review

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RENT Live!

Playwright: Jonathan Larson Top Cast: Jordan Fisher (Mark), Brennin Hunt (Roger),Vanessa Hudgens (Maureen), Valentina (Angel), Tinashe (Mimi), Kiersey Clemons (Joanne), Brandon Victor Dixon (Collins), Mario (Benny), Keala Settle Network: Fox Broadcasting Company Description: SPOILERS? Spoilers if you’ve never seen it. But maybe spoilers to some of the specifics of this performance? Anyway… consider this a… Continue reading RENT Live!