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Pat Lok ft. Party Pupils “From The Back” – Single (2019)

Album: From The Back (Single) Artist: Pat Lok Genre: Electronic Sub-Genres: Dance Label: Kitsune Musique Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: I'm normally not exposed to most club music but hearing Pat Lok's recent single: "From the Back". However in my personal opinion, I thought this was a good dance mix that you could play at a… Continue reading Pat Lok ft. Party Pupils “From The Back” – Single (2019)

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Quantic- Atlantic Oscillations

Album: Atlantic Oscillations (SINGLE) Artist: Quantic Genre: RPM Sub-Genres: Dance/Electronic Label: Tru Thoughts Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: This is the song to play at a hip beach club. It has summer vibes and is very happy overall. It is a good song to dance to, and is for a crowd who are looking for a… Continue reading Quantic- Atlantic Oscillations

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“Dead and Gone”-DRAMA Review

Album: "Dead and Gone" (Single) Artist: DRAMA Genre: RPM Sub-Genres: Synth-pop, alt-pop, R&B Label: Drama Music Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description:¬†This song is the kind of track that needs to be played as you drive into the sunset with your windows down. The humming bass progression that provides the foundation of the song gives it a… Continue reading “Dead and Gone”-DRAMA Review

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We Share Our Blood by Ouri CD Review

We Share Our Blood by Ouri Album: We Share Our Blood Artist: Ouri Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: dance, electronic, garage Label: Ghostly International Non-Airable Tracks: None Description:¬† This EP is Ouri's first release since a self titled EP that came out about a year ago. Ouri is a producer, DJ, and songwriter from Montreal. I did… Continue reading We Share Our Blood by Ouri CD Review