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Good Bad Times – Hinds

Album: The Prettiest Curse Artist: Hinds Genre: Spanish Indie Rock Sub-Genres: Indie rock, lo fi, garage rock Label: Mom+Pop Description: The latest tune from the Madrid-based all female quartet Hinds does not disappoint. This song is the start of a new era for the group. It brings together their classic indie/punk sound with some modern tech… Continue reading Good Bad Times – Hinds

CD Review

Night Owl- Olivia Jean

Album: Night Owl Artist: Olivia Jean Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Garage Rock Label: Third Man Records Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: There was a lot going on in this album. It is certainly not boring, as one can notice something new about a song each time they hear it. Sometimes it sounds like she is just ranting… Continue reading Night Owl- Olivia Jean

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Wand-Laughing Matter

Album: Laughing Matter Artist: Wand Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock Label: Drag City Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: This album pleasantly surprised me. The vocals were reminiscent of Paul McCartney, and the overall sound had a chill 1960s Beatles vibe. I preferred songs with an emphasis on the vocals like "Rio Grande" and "Walkie Talkie."… Continue reading Wand-Laughing Matter

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Hotel Mira- Hotel Mira EP

Album: Hotel Mira Artist: Hotel Mira Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: indie rock, garage rock, alt rock Label: Light Organ Records Non-Airable Tracks: 2 Description: Hotel Mira is your basic alt rock. There’s some really clean drums and guitar, but that really stands out to me. The band is from Vancourver and comprised of members from JPNSGRLS. The garage rock inspired songs are… Continue reading Hotel Mira- Hotel Mira EP