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Kaskade- “Arkade Destinations Iceland”

Album: Arkade Destinations Iceland Artist: Kaskade Genre: EDM, House Sub-Genres: Electro House, Progressive House, Deep House Label: Arkade Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: "Arkade Destinations: Iceland" is a brand new addition for Kaskade's series called: "Destinations". The series itself is a compilation of various artists streamed for said location(s) featuring artists such as Mr. Tape, Late… Continue reading Kaskade- “Arkade Destinations Iceland”

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CRUSH Announces Full Lineup for 10 Year Anniversary

For Crush’s 10th anniversary, Relentless Beats is bringing Arizona two full days of music! Crush will take place on the 15th & 16th of February, 2019. Bringing the typically one day festival to a full two day experience. Feel the love and let the music take you away this year as you dance to your… Continue reading CRUSH Announces Full Lineup for 10 Year Anniversary

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“Shiver/ Fireflies”- Single by Marley Carol

Album: Shiver/ Fireflies- Single Artist: Marley Carroll Genre: RPM Sub Genres: House, Electronic Label: Loci Records Non-Airable tracks: None Description: This single by Marley Carroll features two songs: Shiver, and Firefly. The whole single is only 10 minutes in length. There are no vocals in either song. Each song is very dreamy and ambient. Both… Continue reading “Shiver/ Fireflies”- Single by Marley Carol

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ODESZA’s 2018 EP Mix

Album: ODESZA’s 2018 EP Mix Artist: Various Producers (TroyBoi, TOKiMonsta, The Glitch Mob, Golden Feature, Kaskade, Phontay) Genre: EDM Sub-Genre's: Electropop, Chillwave, Dupstep, Glitch, Trap, Dub Label: Counter Records Non-Airable Tracks: None The seismic duo of ODESZA released a six-song EP of Sasha Sloan’s Falls. The EP shares the stage with a handful of renowned producers… Continue reading ODESZA’s 2018 EP Mix