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Good Bad Times – Hinds

Album: The Prettiest Curse Artist: Hinds Genre: Spanish Indie Rock Sub-Genres: Indie rock, lo fi, garage rock Label: Mom+Pop Description: The latest tune from the Madrid-based all female quartet Hinds does not disappoint. This song is the start of a new era for the group. It brings together their classic indie/punk sound with some modern tech… Continue reading Good Bad Times – Hinds

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Spoon- Inside Out (Demo)

Album: (Single)- Inside Out (Demo) Artist: Spoon Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Experimental Rock Label: Matador Records Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Spoon has released a demo version of their most popular song, "Inside Out" which was off the album They Want My Soul from 2014. The original version of the song is 5 minutes however… Continue reading Spoon- Inside Out (Demo)

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Real Life by Cayucas

Album: Real Life Artist: Cayucas Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Surf Rock Label: Park The Van Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: The album was a bit underwhelming to me. When I listen to surf rock I am expecting a bright and happy sound, however the vocals all felt a little too bland and dull. The overall production sound… Continue reading Real Life by Cayucas

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Farenheist – Albatross

Album: Albatross Artist: Farenheist Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: #1 (Chalk It Up), #5 (Shineback) Description: Albatross, released September 27, 2018, is the latest release from Seattle-based quartet Farenheist. The group formed in 2016 while at Vassar College in New York, and since they have been expanding their reach as… Continue reading Farenheist – Albatross

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Cat Power – Wanderer (CD Review)

Album: Wanderer Artist: Cat Power Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Folk Label: Domino Recording Company Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Cat Power released Wanderer, her 10th studio album, on October 5th, 2018. This marks her first release since 1996 not put out under Matador Records - the two parted ways in between the release of… Continue reading Cat Power – Wanderer (CD Review)

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Lala Lala – The Lamb (CD Review)

Album: The Lamb Artist: Lala Lala Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Lo-fi Label: Hardly Art Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Lala Lala released their second album, The Lamb, on September 28 via Hardly Art records. I've really been enjoying this release for the past month or so since it came out, and it's probably one… Continue reading Lala Lala – The Lamb (CD Review)

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Connan Mockasin – Jassbusters Album Review

Album: Jassbusters Artist: Connan Mockasin Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Rock, Indie, Experimental, Jazz Label: Kemado Records Non-Airable Tracks: "Momo's,"  "Last Night," "You Can Do Anything," "B'nD," "Sexy Man," and "Les Be Honest" Description: Connan Mockasin is a New Zealand singer, famous for being quite peculiar in nature, especially through his music. From his album, "Forever Dolphin… Continue reading Connan Mockasin – Jassbusters Album Review

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Fix It Up/ Figure it Out By Beach Tape

Album: Fix It Up/Figure It Out single Artist: Beachtape Genre: Indie Rock Sub-Genres: Lo-fi, Beach Pop Label: PNKSLM Recordings Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: Beachtape is an indie rock/surf pop band from Brighton, UK. I hadn’t heard of them before listening to this single and this selection didn’t impress me too much. I’ll be honest, neither… Continue reading Fix It Up/ Figure it Out By Beach Tape

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Hotel Mira- Hotel Mira EP

Album: Hotel Mira Artist: Hotel Mira Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: indie rock, garage rock, alt rock Label: Light Organ Records Non-Airable Tracks: 2 Description: Hotel Mira is your basic alt rock. There’s some really clean drums and guitar, but that really stands out to me. The band is from Vancourver and comprised of members from JPNSGRLS. The garage rock inspired songs are… Continue reading Hotel Mira- Hotel Mira EP