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Billie Eilish: “When We Sleep, Where Do We Go?” (2019)

Album: When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Artist: Billie Eilish Genre: Pop, Indie Pop Sub-Genres: Industrial, Electropop Label: Interscope Records Non-Airable Tracks:N/A Description: Billie Eilish's debut album "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" is a what might possibly be the banger of 2019. My impression of her is quite cliche as… Continue reading Billie Eilish: “When We Sleep, Where Do We Go?” (2019)

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Take This to Heart by Ivey Review

Album: Take This to Heart Artist: Ivey Genre: Alt/Indie Sub-Genres: Pop-punk Label: Conta Coda Media Non-Airable Tracks:  Description: Take This to Heart is the debut full-length album from Nashville-based alt rockers Ivey. When I started listening to it I was instantly reminded of really old Fall Out Boy, the Fall Out Boy that had just released Take This to Your Grave and… Continue reading Take This to Heart by Ivey Review

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Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? by Deerhunter Review

Album: Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? Artist: Deerhunter Genre: Alternative/Indie Sub-Genres: Indie Rock, psych pop, experimental rock Label: 4AD Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: "Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?" is an experimental, creative rock album that aptly balances variance in sounds between songs with coherence as a unified record. The songs combine a variety of instruments from… Continue reading Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? by Deerhunter Review

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Buoys- Panda Bear

Album: Buoys Artist: Panda Bear Genre: Alternative Sub-Genres: Psychedelic Pop Label: Domino Recording Company Non-Airable Tracks: NONE Description: I really enjoy the singer's voice on this album. The effects on his voice are used tastefully, especially on the track Master. I was immediately curious about this album due to the digital feel and video game sounds… Continue reading Buoys- Panda Bear

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Farenheist – Albatross

Album: Albatross Artist: Farenheist Genre: Alt Sub-Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: #1 (Chalk It Up), #5 (Shineback) Description: Albatross, released September 27, 2018, is the latest release from Seattle-based quartet Farenheist. The group formed in 2016 while at Vassar College in New York, and since they have been expanding their reach as… Continue reading Farenheist – Albatross

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“Dead and Gone”-DRAMA Review

Album: "Dead and Gone" (Single) Artist: DRAMA Genre: RPM Sub-Genres: Synth-pop, alt-pop, R&B Label: Drama Music Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description: This song is the kind of track that needs to be played as you drive into the sunset with your windows down. The humming bass progression that provides the foundation of the song gives it a… Continue reading “Dead and Gone”-DRAMA Review