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Tacocat Rocks 191 Toole, 1/24/2020

As a Seattle-area native, a feminist, and an a pop-punk fan, its no surprise that Tacocat is one of my favorite bands. Formed in Seattle in 2007 of singer Emily Nokes, guitarist Eric Randall, drummer Lelah Maupin, and bassist Bree McKenna, Tacocat is an indie pop-punk quartet known for their vibrant aesthetic and bubbly, humorous,… Continue reading Tacocat Rocks 191 Toole, 1/24/2020

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Love Wins by Hello Yello Review

Album: Love Wins Artist: Hello Yello Genre: Alt/indie Sub-Genres: Grunge, garage-rock, punk, emo, hip-hop Label: Self-Released Non-Airable Tracks: I Don't Care, Maybe Description: Love Wins is the debut EP from Oakland based trio Hello Yello. The musicians express distaste toward the idea of defining themselves by one genre, an attitude evident in their unique sound. This EP is… Continue reading Love Wins by Hello Yello Review

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Take This to Heart by Ivey Review

Album: Take This to Heart Artist: Ivey Genre: Alt/Indie Sub-Genres: Pop-punk Label: Conta Coda Media Non-Airable Tracks:  Description: Take This to Heart is the debut full-length album from Nashville-based alt rockers Ivey. When I started listening to it I was instantly reminded of really old Fall Out Boy, the Fall Out Boy that had just released Take This to Your Grave and… Continue reading Take This to Heart by Ivey Review

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Daddy Issues- Pip Blom

Album: *Single* Daddy Issues Artist: Pip Blom Genre: Alt Rock Sub-Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Post Punk Label: Heavenly Recordings Non-Airable Tracks: None  Description: I really enjoyed the overall beat of the song, and the fun guitar melody. It is definitely an upbeat jam, although the lyrics were nothing too special. This song would fit in… Continue reading Daddy Issues- Pip Blom

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Beside Myself by Basement Review

Album: Beside Myself Artist: Basement Genre: Alternative/Indie Sub-Genres: Pop-punk, alt-rock, post-hardcore, emo Label: Fueled by Ramen Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: When I started listening to this album and heard the opening song, I was expected a generic and slightly over-produced pop-punk album. And while generic pop-punk is one of my personal favorite genres of music, it… Continue reading Beside Myself by Basement Review

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“Popular Music” by LIFE Review

Album: Popular Music Artist: LIFE Genre: Alternative/Indie Sub-genres: Alt-rock, punk rock Label: Afghan Moon Non-Airable Tracks: None Description: "Popular Music" by LIFE is a brilliantly angry, loud, and political punk rock album. I like how the guitarists mix loads of heavily distorted chords with moments of clean, melodic parts that add musical intrigue and keep… Continue reading “Popular Music” by LIFE Review